Raspberry Pi For Schools


The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that was designed to teach computer science fundamentals in and outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Raspberry Pi Student Kit

Raspberry Pi Student Kit

With a Raspberry Pi Student Kit students have everything they need to join online classrooms, access information, and explore computers and technology.

Easy to Set Up and Use



The Student Kit can be set up and running in about 5 minutes


Included is a high quality case that keeps the Raspberry Pi safely enclosed while still providing access to all the necessary ports and connections.


The included SD card contains the popular Raspbian operating system and a wide range of preinstalled software that is ready to use with no secondary computer required.


The Raspberry Pi connects to any television or monitor using the included HDMI cable and is powered by the included power supply.


Once powered up the Pi presents you with a familiar desktop computer interface that can be navigated with the included keyboard and mouse.


Connect to your existing Wifi network or use an ethernet cable and you’re ready to start exploring!

A Tool for Schoolwork and Self Directed Learning

The Raspberry Pi comes with a collection of free software that can be used right out of the box.
Libre Office
You’ll find standard productivity tools like a file manager, calculator, Microsoft Office compatible office suite, pdf and image viewers.
Google Docs
The included web browser allows students to research topics on the web, log into Google Classroom for distance learning or access work in Google Docs.
Minecraft Pi
The Raspberry Pi comes with a special educational version of the incredibly popular game Minecraft! Minecraft Pi uses the world of Minecraft to help teach the structure of computer programming, as well as other STEM concepts!
Online Game
Students can access a wide range of online educational games and resources on sites like Prodigygame, PBS for Kids and National Geographics for Kids.
Scratch Programming
Using Scratch students can follow included examples or experiment to learn programming fundamentals and create their own applications and games.
No Arrow
With the included GPIO ports on the Raspberry Pi students can explore the world of electronics and build their own circuits or robotics projects and control them right from the Pi.
The Raspberry Pi is great as a media player, you can watch clips on YouTube and other popular streaming media sites or play files locally.

There is no limit to what you can do
with the Raspberry Pi Student Kit

If you would like to learn how to start a student on their own journey of discovery
please contact Pi Shop Inc. (USA) or HiPi Industries Inc. (Canada).
We offer special pricing, NET30 terms and PO ordering for educational institutions.


  • Pi Shop Inc.
  • www.pishop.us
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  • Email: edu@pishop.us
  • 844-774-4338, 302-500-4020


  • HiPi Industries Inc.
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  • Address: 9-190 Colonnade Rd.
    Nepean, ON K2E 7J5
  • Email: edu@pishop.ca
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